Juwai Teer Result First Round and Second Round

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Juwai Teer is a luck game based on bow and arrow and it is played in the state of Meghalaya. Teer is an archery game is one the oldest and cultural games played in the Shillong juwai where you can buy a number and if the number of the draw is based on your number you will get prize money. We are providing juwai teer results, juwai previous teer result list , juwai teer hit number, jowai teer common number etc.

Juwai Teer Result Today

The encaustic teer lover is eagerly waiting for today’s juwai teer result. The first round of jowai teer result is announced around 2:15 Pm and Second Round at 3:00 PM. Teer participant can check their daily jowai teer result from the official teer counter or the real time online result from our website

Juwai Morning Teer Result

The morning draws of Juwai Teer bring a fresh wave of anticipation. Archers showcasing their skills, arrows hitting the target, and the subsequent count form the essence of the Juwai morning Teer result. This session sets the tone for the day, capturing the attention of participants and spectators alike.

Juwai Teer Previous Result

If you are a teer lover you know the teer game is totally based on prediction and how much import the previous teer result to predict the daily teer number. If you are a master at playing teer you can easily predict the teer number from the previous teer result. Additionally, enthusiasts can refer to the “Juwai Teer result list” for a comprehensive record of outcomes, enabling informed decision-making in future bets.

Juwai Khanapara Shillong Teer Results

Shillong teer is on of the oldest and most famous archery games in Meghalaya is followed by khanapara teer and jowai Teer. We provide all of the teer results in real-time on our website.

Juwai Latumbai Teer Result

Juwai teer is played in various locations, Latumbai is the famous area in juwai where the teer game is very popular. Juwai Latumai teer result is the same as juwai teer results. Latumbai teer result is played on the same venue of jowai teer . You will get the latest juwai Latumbai teer results from our website on real-time

Juwai Teer khela result

Jowai teer khela is a Bengali name where “Khela” means “Game”. The workers from Bengal who work in the coal field of Jowai called it teer khela. Get the latest Teer khela results from our online portal.

Juwai Night Teer Results

In juwai teer is played twice a day, Juwai Morning teer results and Juwai Night teer results you can buy separate teer numbers for the morning teer and night teer. The results are different jowai morning and night teer.

Juwai Common Number

Juwai common teer number is a predicted number which comes commonly. The Teer common number is based on the analysis of previous teer results. Our expert team provide the based juwai teer common number based on previous outcomes, there is a high chance to win the teer game if you follow our daily teer common number.

Juwai Teer Hit Number

The hit number is also a predicted number which is based on the number which hit frequently. If you are a new teer player you must follow our teer hit number, there is a high chance to win the teer if you follow our daily hit number. Our expert team analyses the previous result and brings the best outcome so that you people can win the teer game.

Juwai Teer Dream Number

Teer Dream number is a number calculated from what you have dreamed at the last number. Teer dream number chart is available on our website you can analyse you last night’s dream with our dream number chart